Just like the silence between the notes sparks music, I believe the mystery unfolds in the space connecting the artwork and the observer. All these visual manifestations are dimensions in which we can recognise ourselves.

Through deep questioning and observation, alongside his studies on human creativity and education, Samu Carvajal constructs an individual and authentic style that takes place in the distance between psychedelic art and art brut.

Carvajal started his career as a commercial artist working primarily in Advertising. After a few years of campaigns and meaningless prizes, he decided to focus his work on encouraging observation rather than selling products.

The artist takes inspiration from the world around him, combining and recreating elements from mass media to ancient philosophy. By not naming his artworks he invites the observer to become part of the creative experience.

Samu works mainly on paper and canvas. Usually, he defines a concept for a collection and then employs flow techniques to complete his artwork.

Samu Carvajal
b. 1987 / Santiago, CL
Based in Sydney, AU


Carriageworks / Sydney, AU

Darlings Gallery / Sydney, AU

The Other Art Fair / Sydney, AU

Art Gallery of NSW / Sydney, AU

Museum of Contemporary Art of Chile / Santiago, CL
Casa de Los Diez Foundation / Santiago, CL

Red Rattle Theatre / Sydney, AU
Down/Under Space / Sydney, AU

IV Contemporary Art Biennale / Buenos Aires, AR
Galería 13 / Santiago, CL

Galería Lira / Santiago, CL
Galería Puerta Azul / Santiago, CL

Samu Carvajal lives and works on Gamaragal Land in so-called “Sydney”.
For more information please visit: aboriginalheritage.org